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Throughout history innovations in any discipline have created the basis for further improvements by those individuals who refuse to accept the status quo.  From the introduction of the first pressurized ripening rooms at Cool Care in the mid 1980's by our President Mike Bianco to our current designs we have developed numerous patented innovations that have allowed for easier and better controlled ripening processes resulting in greatly improved product quality and lower operational costs.

Our 30+ years of expertise in ripening technology has also allowed us to develop a highly efficient line of in-container ripening allowing for product ripening while in-transit.  These units perform as well as stationery ripening units and provide the user with major cost savings and operational efficiencies.

In addition to the thousands of ripening rooms designed and built by our staff we have also designed and built mobile and stationary pre-coolers and highly efficient cold storage facilities for both fresh produce and frozen products.  Our design/build expertise is sought after on an international scale.  Current and prior installations can be found in Eastern and Western Europe, Canada, the Caribbean, Mexico, Asia, and of course the USA.

We at Millennium Cooling are proud of our achievements and the installations we have been responsible for over the years.  Each and every project is designed from the ground up to meet your exacting standards.  We utilize the most cost efficient components engineered to give you many years of exceptional service.  We look forward to including you as one of our happy family members.


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